Convert raw external hard disk ntfs fat32 – data recovery from not formatted external hard disk

I think the people who once used external hard disk are very familiar with its merits. Whereas currently tons of users are taking it as a perfect choice for data reserve, for the most part, external hard disk works fine for us. However, it does not mean that there is no problem at all. Various external hard disk problems still are existing. Such as "Your drive has not been formatted, do you want to format it now?", the drive can not be detected, the computer indicates the drive is RAW and inaccessible. All these issues are the pain in the neck, very excruciating.

" This morning i opened my pc and wanted to read some materials in the external hard disk. But after i inserted it into my computer, it can not be opened and it said my external hard disk is raw, also there is nothing on it at all!

I was startled, and now very anxious. The materials are very important to me, i really need them back. But how can i get them back? And is there any way that i can fix the drive too?"

" What is raw drive? Suddenly i found that my external hard disk drive has been changed to a raw condition and everything on that drive has gone. Actually my drive was NTFS, so now i do not understand what happened to the drive. I want to recover my data and want to solve the raw drive issue as well, please help me."

It seems that a lot of people are suffering from the raw drive problem. And this is one of the common problems of external hard disk drive indeed. Then how can we fix this issue without affect our data which are initially on it? What does raw drive mean?

Virtually, raw drive means the corruption has existed. And NTFS, fat32, fat16, ext2, ext3 are all zoned formats. Under the normal circumstance all the zoned format i have mentioned above would not appear as raw format. So there must is something wrong, however corruption is very common. Because the system has failed, it can not recognize the format of the external hard disk drive. The drive dose not allow you to get entry and the infos on it are vanished or can not be accessed either. How to save the data on the external hard disk drive?

This step has to be performed ahead of converting the raw format to NTFS or fat32. The reason is that you will lose all your data if you do not recover it first. As for this point, the data recovery softwares are your optimum choices. There are plenty of them on line including the free ones. You can download it then launch it, and you are now ready to retrieve the data that you lost. These data recovery softwares are specially made for the situations that the data loss posed by the hard drive has corrupted first, thereby they are quite valid and efficient. They target on varieties of patterns of files (documents, music, movies, pictures, etc.)and also viable for different system editions(Windows, Mac systems). The instructions of the softwares are so simple that you can easily follow to recover your data, just need few mouse clicks and it will be done. We are very proud of the functions of these softwares which have already captured many accolades and recognitions. You will be fully satisfied with its efficiency if you give it a try! How to fix raw drive?

First you can right click the raw drive, and choose property option, then you can click security option.(If you can not find security option here you can open my computer button and choose tools folder option then cancel the tick of ‘use simple files sharing’, right click the NTFS format drive and you could see security button after open the attribute.)Now you delete the random and useless username and change it to your username, ultimately alter the authorization, then it is done.

It is the same question of how to avoid corruption here. The reasons that could cause corruptions of external hard disk are various, such as drawing off the drive from computer without correct procedures, shutdown the pc when the drive is opened and virus attack and so on. If you can save these wrong actions the external hard disk would be much safer. Also do not forget that backups are always the right option.