How to recover deleted, lost or formatted files from various electronic devices

No one can deny the importance of data security of electronic equipment, but many people do not take the problem seriously. Data loss scenarios, which occur on a variety of electronic devices including computers, mobile phones, digital cameras, memory cards and other equipments, are too numerous to list. Many people facing of data loss become overwhelmed, and some people simply do not take any remedy while others looked for ways to retrieve lost files. Maybe you’ve, more or less, heard of data recovery software, or you’re looking for the right data recovery tools, then this article is written for you. The vast majority of excellent data recovery applications are listed out on this article. Now no matter how you lost your precious files or valuable memories, there are always relevant recovery tools out there to get things done and bring your data back efficiently and safely.

It should be noted that different software have different scope, some software is comprehensive recovery tool, while others are special recovery programs. Readers need to carefully read the software specification, and choose the right data recovery tools.

Data Recovery software is an easy yet powerful data recovery program which can help you easily rescue deleted, formatted or lost files (including documents, media files, archives, emails etc) lost from PC hard drive or external storage devices such as memory card, USB flash drive, digital camera, music player, external hard drive and so on. With Data Recovery software, you never have to be panic about data loss no matter caused by human errors (accidental deletion or format) or technical errors (drive corruption, partition or file system problem etc).

Photo Recovery Software comes right in help when you accidentally deleted precious photos on your digital camera or formatted the Raw memory card without backing up important media files. Besides pictures, video and music files can also be recovered. The digital media recovery tool supports almost all existing multimedia file formats. And free thumbnail preview function allows you evaluate recovery quality in advance. It is able to rescue those media files lost due to human error operation such as emptying the Trash bin, formatting Macintosh HD, and non-human errors like Photo Booth crash, virus attack, improper device usage etc.

Carelessly deleted important documents or pictures from memory card? Accidentally formatted SD card? Or lost all the pictures and videos from a digital camera’s memory card due to incorrect operation? Similar circumstances, result in card data loss, are countless. Is there any way to restore the lost card data? The answer is definitely YES! Card data recovery software is designed to undelete the lost memory card files, including documents, pictures, videos, music and more, from various memory cards such as SD card, USB drive, Memory Stick etc.

Unintentionally deleted contacts, messages, pictures, videos, or important documents from your iPhone? All iPhone data are disappeared after iOS updating, factory settings restoring, jail breaking or unlocking? Or even your iPhone device is lost or stolen? Do not be frustrated. No matter what causes the iPhone files missing, you still have a chance to get them back. You only need powerful and easy to use iPhone data recovery software, and the lost iPhone files can be easily and safely retrieved. iPhone data recovery tool can recover lost files directly from the iPhone device, or recover lost data from the previous iTunes backup files on your computer. If your iPhone can be used normally, it is recommended to use the first recovery mode, otherwise use the second recovery mode.

Accidentally deleted pictures, videos or documents from iPad? All iPad files disappeared due to iOS upgrade, jailbreak, unlock or factory settings restore? Or iPad files are missing due to a system error or virus infection? Now with iPad data recovery software, you do not have to worry about it! The iPad data rescue tool has two recovery modes: recover lost files directly from your iPad device or recover lost iPad data from previous iTunes backup files on your computer. As We know that: when you use iTunes to transfer data between iPad and computer , iTunes will automatically back up iPad files to your computer. That is to say, iPad data recovery tool can scan your computer’s iTunes backup files and extract lost iPad data as long as you previously used iTunes to perform data transmission between iPad and computer. It means that you still have a chance to recover the lost files even if your iPad device is lost or stolen, as long as there is iTunes backup file of your iPad on your computer.

Accidently deleted important contacts or text messages from your Android phone? Or carelessly removed precious pictures or videos from your Android pad? Don’t be panic! This professional and easy to use Android Data Recovery software can restore lost SMS messages, contacts, call histories, pictures and video files from various Android devices such as Android phone, Android pad, etc. The supported brand includes Samsung, Motorola, HTC, LG, Huawei and more. Note: Once lost important files from your Android equipment, you’d better stop operating and switch it off. Don’t take pictures or shoot movies with your Android phone or pad. Otherwise, new generating files will overwrite the lost ones and cause them disappear completely (unrecoverable)! For more information about this reliable Android Data recovery tools, please read more here: Android Data Recovery.