How to recover photos from a damaged sd card – google product forums

I had a similar problem with a sd card, which had very important work pictures. While backing up the pictures in the computer, I think, I ejected the card from the computer before it was safe to do it, unfortunately, After that, I couldn´t access the card, in fact the card was not recognized by the computer, I try to read the card at different devices, but the problem was the same. Starting to look for self-solving solutions to rescue my pictures, I found several software, but none of then were succesful at even reading the card. At this point I was hopeless. Reading at some forums, several people mentioned the company Recoverfab ( I contact Leopold by email and ask if he would be able to fix the problem.

He reply fast and suggest that I should send him the card, so he can check at it and figure out if he could rescue the pictures. I did so, and in two week the card got to him in Germany. he sent me a message to let me know the card arrival, also he estimated that the expected time to recover the pictures was like a week. To my surprise, after two days he sent me a another e-mail lettting me know that he was able to recover the pictures, I believe all of them. Apparently, self-solving software works if the sd card is recognizable by the computer, but in my case the card was completed dead. I highly recommend the service provided by Leopold. He is very keen at keeping you updated about the status of your order, and clearly he is able to rescue pictures even when there is not hope at all.

If your SD card is damaged in such a way that image recovery software doesn’t work for you, I highly recommend sending your memory card to Recoverfab ( They recovered my images when I (and others) really thought it might be impossible. Here’s what happened: a few months ago, the SD memory card in my digital camera suddenly stopped working, and neither my camera nor my computer would even recognize the card. It had hundreds of photos on it. I searched and searched the Internet for ways to access the images, but soon realized that in my situation, image recovery software wouldn’t work, because no computer would even recognize the existence of the SD card. A friend of mine who knows much more

make peace with the loss of my photos, but then I stumbled upon several comments in forums like this from people who said they had gotten their images back by sending their damaged memory cards to a German company called Recoverfab. I was tentatively hopeful. I checked out Recoverfab’s website and decided to send the card to Germany; they don’t require payment until they’ve confirmed with you that the images have actually been recovered, which means I had nothing to lose beyond a few dollars in postage. Within a few weeks, I received an e-mail saying my memory card had arrived, and then another one with a link to several of the recovered photos—Recoverfab recovered the images off the damaged card! The website explains in more detail how they do what they do; I’m just glad they do what they do, and I feel lucky that I found them, as otherwise I probably would have given up and thrown out the memory card, or spent far too much money trying different kinds of recovery software.

I lost about a thousand photos and 30 precious family videos from an SD card that was corrupted. Free ZAR software was brilliant for recovering most of the photos (some were still damaged but none that mattered to me). However, the free software could not recover the videos. I did quite a lot of searching online and saw many positive reviews for Recoverfab, This is a company which claims to be able to recover data on corrupted SD cards which would otherwise be completely lost. The videos were important to me so I decided to give Recoverfab a try. I posted the card off at the end of last week, received an acknowledgment at the start of this week and almost immediately another email arrived announcing that all my videos had been successfully retrieved! I have seen thumbnails of the videos and they all appear to be there. This is really excellent news & a massive relief. It isn’t exactly cheap but precious family memories are worth a lot. On the basis of my experience I would certainly recommend Recoverfab.

Two years ago I damaged my camera’s memory card by pushing it into a card reader with too much force thereby bending it in the middle. It took it to several professional camera stores to see if the hundreds of photos on the card could be recovered. At each place I was told the data was not retrievable with their equipment. They said if there was someone who could retrieve the data, it would probably cost many hundreds or even a thousand dollars. I asked for some experts to whom they could refer me, but they had so such information. It was very disappointing.

Not willing to give up, I kept the card for a couple of years. I told one of my brothers about my dilemma and asked if he had some idea who could retrieve my data. After about 20 minutes he had found Recoverfab who not only said they could recover 100 % of my data, but quoted very reasonable rates for their service! Their responses were prompt and they took care of the problem within days. Absolutely first class service! Highly recommended!

I just wanted to add some thoughts on a recent experience. I had a 64GB Sandisk Extreme SD card and the controller failed. This meant the card could not be read by any device, and therefore recovery software (free or paid) was out of the question. I tried several so called forensic recovery services. Most of them could not find any images on the card (they were in raw format). Then I read about Recoverfab which is based in Germany. I was a bit hesitant about sending my card out of the country, but this service is very professional and their strong customer service and tracking process gave me the confidence to try them. To my delight, they were able to successfully recover 1581 images – within a day or two of having received my card. They kept me updated every step of the way. Recovery services like these can be expensive. My card was held for ransom by some companies that didn’t want to disclose their pricing up-front. Recoverfab puts their pricing right on their website, so you will know what you’re getting into. If your card is as far gone as mine, and the images are important (in this case, irreplacable pictures of my family) then this kind of service is a lifesaver!