How to turn on safe mode on android ubergizmo

You can manually enter or exit this Safe Mode easily. There are also cases when Android will detect a problem and enter the Safe Mode automatically. The issue is then how to correct the problem, and boot back into Normal Mode. In this tutorial, we will help you enter or exit Android Safe mode using different methods. Turn on Android Safe Mode

There are basically two different methods to enter the safe mode manually. You can either access the Safe Mode from the Power Menu (supported by select phones) or hold volume buttons while the phone is booting. When the phone will enter the Safe mode you will be able to see “Safe Mode” written at the bottom of the screen, confirming you are in the Safe Mode.

The phone can also enter the Safe Mode automatically if the operating system gets corrupt or any app prevents it from booting normally. It can be a bit difficult to exit the Safe mode in such situation, but don’t worry, we will show you as well (later in the article). Method #1: Use Power Menu To Enter the Safe Mode

Press and Hold the “Power Button” for about 2 seconds and the Power Menu will open up. From the Menu, tap and hold “Power Off” until you see a prompt confirming if you would like to enter the Safe Mode or not. Just tap on “OK” and your phone will turn off and reboot in safe mode.

Press and Hold the “Power” button for about 2 seconds and from the “Power Menu” tap on “Power off” and confirm the prompt to turn off the phone. You can also Press and Hold the “Power” button for about 5 seconds to turn off the phone directly.

Once the Phone is turned off completely, press and hold the “Power” button again to turn it on. As soon as the screen turns on, press and hold the “Volume Down” button or both Volume Up and Down button (depends on the Manufacturer of your phone). Keep holding the button until your phone turns on completely and you see “Safe Mode” written at the bottom of the screen.

If you have manually turned the Safe Mode on, then simply restarting your phone will get you out of the Safe mode. However, if your device automatically entered the Safe Mode, then it can be a bit difficult to get out as there must be a system error which we must resolve first.

You can go through different methods to get out of the Safe Mode and resolve the issue. They each have some pro and cons. We will guide you through each step to get your phone out of the Safe Mode and resolve any particular error. Step #1: Turn Off Your Phone “Completely”

When we say “Completely”, we mean literally draining all the power from the Phone. When the phone turns (completely) off, it still has access to power and can keep track of the data such as Date and Time, etc. To get out of Safe Mode, we need to drain all the power from the phone.

As the specified time passes, insert both Battery and SIM card and Turn on the phone by holding Power button for few seconds. After going through this process you should be back to the normal mode. If not, then move towards the next step. Step #2: Uninstall Recently Installed Apps

There is a chance a recently installed an app might be causing the phone to boot in Safe Mode. You need to uninstall all recently installed apps, in most cases, uninstalling last three installed apps is good enough to delete the culprit. However, if you have installed a lot of apps at the same time, then you will need to uninstall all of them, or try rebooting after each uninstall.

You need to wipe the Cache partition to make sure no corrupt files are causing your phone to boot in the Safe mode. However, the process is completely different from deleting the Cache of an App/browser, you will have to delete it from the “ Recovery Mode”.

You need to turn off the phone and again turn it on by holding the “Power Button”. Once the screen turns on, you will have to press and hold “Power Button”, “Home Button” and “Volume Keys” in different combinations (depending on Device and Manufacturer) and the phone will boot in the Recovery Mode.

You will see the option “Wipe Cache Partition” there, just navigate to it and press the “Power” button to wipe the cache partition. When you are done, restart the phone and see if you are out of the Safe Mode or not. Step #4: Factory Reset Your Device

If you are still stuck, you can try a Factory Reset your phone. This will make your phone software completely fresh (out of the box state), and will delete everything in it ( not a secure delete however). However, this is the last resort and is never recommended to be done before trying all other solutions mentioned above.

Just enter “Recovery Mode” like we mentioned above and there you will find the option of “Wipe data/ factory reset”. Navigate to this option using the volume keys and press the “Power” button to select it. After that, confirm the prompt and your phone will Factory Reset..