Recover usb hard drive – usb hard disk data recovery

Different types of external, removable storage devices such as external hard drives, memory cards and USB flash drives can be connected to computer using USB (universal Serial Bus) ports or USB cables. USB has become the latest standard for computer components. The main advantage of USB is that the data transfer rate provided by USB is extensively much faster compared to SCSI interface. A single USB port on the computer can connect up to 127 different devices like external hard drives, printers, modems, scanners, pen drives etc.

External USB hard drives are available in larger storage capacities i.e. up to 4TB. Seagate, Western Digital, Samsung, Hitachi are the popular brands of external USB hard drives.

These external USB hard drives works like an internal hard drive. But, the main difference between internal and external USB hard drive is that they are enclosed outside the computer i.e. they are not fixed inside the computer. Commonly, external hard drives use USB 2.0 interface that provides 60MB/s bandwidth. Data loss is a common issue in USB 2.0 external hard drives.

Accidental formatting the external USB hard drives: Generally, USB hard drives need to be formatted in order to organize files in appropriate manner. Formatting the external USB drive creates new file system to organize files. But, formatting the USB drive that already contains data will delete all the data then creates new file system to store new data. Hence, accidentally formatting the USB hard drive may results in loss of files. In order to get back lost files, you ned to use reliable USB drive file retrieval software.

Improper removal of USB hard drive: Data loss generally occurs, if the external USB hard drive is disconnected before data is completely written to it during data transfer process. When you again connect that USB hard drive, you may encounter error messages indicating that file system has been corrupted resulting in loss of data

To avoid data loss, Safely Remove Hardware icon should be used to disconnect the external USB hard drive. First take backup before formatting the USB hard drive. Use UPS to avoid data loss due to sudden power failures. If you have lost the data from USB hard drive then use USB hard drive recovery software to restore USB hard drive data. This software identifies lost files on the basis of their signature and then restore data from USB flash drive. This tool can also restore video after accidental format of USB Drive. Data that has been lost due to accidentally formatting the USB hard drive can also be recovered easily. This software can retrieve different types of files like audios, videos, photos, documents etc from corrupted USB hard drive. Seagate, Hitachi, Western Digital, Samsung etc are the brands of USB hard drive supported by this software. USB memory stick recovery of various brands like Sony, SanDisk, Transcend, Kingston, etc. can also be done with the help of this application.This software can also retrieve deleted files from USB on Apple Mac.

Step 2: Launch this software either by start menu or by clicking on shortcut menu on desktop. After launching the software, the main window will be displayed with 3 options. Select Recover Partitions/Hard drives option among the 3 options as shown in Figure 1