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Then connect to the laptop again, always by himself. If iTunes picks it up, he may ask you to do a restore with a message on the "recovery." If you’re OK with deletion of the iPod, do the restore. See if the iPod is "correctly identified" after restoration.

If the problem persists, you said you uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes, but may not have uninstalled iTunes and associated software components. Follow the steps in this document to uninstall an iTunes installation components, in the order described all listed

When I started using Thunderbird, created automatically to the Inbox, drafts, sent, and deleted files. Now I have that Inbox and deleted as the currents of air and sent are no longer displayed.

They don’t seem to be in the folder deleted, no more.

I’m guessing that your account is IMAP and the original folders were eventually replaced by those synced from the server. It may be that they were finally populated with mail. Thunderbird tends to show only records after they serve the projects, releases etc.

The use of disk recovery (or USB key recovery) would fix the laptop back to the factory and even if settings you should remove the folder in HARD drive recovery or the entire partition, this partition, and these files would be created again.

1 I restarted my PC in safe mode with command prompt, you try to run chkdsk/r, however I got the error message that the disk is protected and that I can demand that it runs at the next reboot. I typed Y and restart, but chkdsk does not work although I restarted 2 times.

The Toshiba recovery image has nothing to do with the WinRE Vista 1.5 GB partition. Partition WinRE Vista feature. On new models of laptops Toshiba recovery image is saved in folder HDDRecovery on the second partition. If touch you didn t and if you didn t change anything with partitions you should be able to install Vista using this recovery image.

After your computer is turned on press F8 and choose the first option (if available) computer repair. You can enter the Vista System Recovery Options. The last option should be Toshiba Recovery. If you didn t change anything, this option will be available.

I get to see all the messages that I deleted in my "Deleted items" folder and when I try to delete the message in this folder I get an error message ‘some items in the folder "Deleted items" can not be deleted.’ an error has occurred. Also when I try to delete my Inbox it won’t move message from ‘deleted items ‘. Any suggestions?

Suppose that you remove all the contents of a folder that contains the files and subfolders. If you open the Recycle Bin, you can see a list of deleted files and subfolders, but there is no way to see the files in the subfolders. So, if you want to restore ONLY a single file in a subfolder of the deleted, it seems there is no way to do it. You can only restore the entire sub.folder, which is not necessarily what you want, especially if you filled out the application parent with other files and subfolders after the deletion.

@ Palcouk… you can actually retrieve files deleted, even when they are home to recycle the locker to restore a previous version of the folder parent; These come available restore points so not always guaranteed, but he made the most of the time if action is taken quickly enough. 🙂 Ric

In the folder tree pane (Vista Home Premium) it appeared that I had inadvertently copied double my completed application documents in the foledr of downloads, as it seemed that I had two copies of everything: waste of disk space. So I deleted the subfolder Documents of the record of downloads… and the main Documents folder are missing too! It’s all the same thing. I don’t understand why. But anyway. It wasn’t in the Trash because there had been too much to go over there, so it is all definitely eliminated and lost: more than 8 GB 🙁

Therefore, the Documents link in the start bar stopped working. Even after that I created a new Documents folder in the same location as the original, the link on the start menu does not; When I click on properties for the link, the path is empty, and I can’t find a way to save a path to it. Any ideas?

If you have Vista Business, Vista Ultimate or Vista Enterprise, you can be lucky. They have so-called saves shadow copies, which are deleted or modified files that can be recovered in case changes/deletions made by mistake. more information about how to use this feature to:

If you have Vista Basic or Premium of Vista, shadow copies is not available; However, there is an alternative that is free and the shadow copies feature called Shadow Explorer. Although it will not help you this time, it could very well save you in case this happens again.

The files are not really deleted until they are crushed (although they are no longer available through conventional methods). If you decide to try these recovery programs, you should stop using your drive hard immediately in order not to replace the data that you are trying to recover. He slave on another PC and launch the recovery of this PC. Even now you have definitely lost some of them if you use the same PC. If you can not do this (slave on another PC), you run the risk of overwriting the data with every action you do on the PC (but you may still be able to recover some or most or even all files – it’s a matter of luck).

Only you can decide if the data is important enough to take the PC to an expert data recovery to recover files (they will have better programs and hardware to do that none of us do, and I’ve provided above). Do NOT go to the Geek Squad or one of these centers of store-, they generally don’t know what they are doing – it take for expert data recovery. It will cost you a little and they generally offer no guarantees. The decision is yours.

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‘/oracle/u01/app/oracle/flash_recovery_area/cqdb/control02.ctl’ version 370763No idea how can I fix? I know it was my fault and good on production, but I was under the assumption that the …/flash_recovery_area/ file was simply for RMAN backups and after changing my db_recovery_file_desintation = ‘ / oracle/u01/app/oracle/backup /’;

If you look at your parameter control_files, you will find that it specifies two files. Both must be present and synchronized. If you create your DB with DBCA, you get one in your data base area and the other in your FRA. Sensible? Well, maybe. I think the idea is that the FRA is supposed to be a file system independent of the database region, you can clean one and the other will survive. As you have proven by mistake!