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One of the many benefits of the rise of Software as a Service (SaaS)-based project management applications is mobility. A number of SaaS-based project management apps offer free iPhone apps that can help your team stay on track, regardless of whether they’re located together or work virtually.

While it’s easy to argue that you can’t manage a project from an iPhone, each of these apps lets users track, add, and manage project tasks in the office or on the road download icare data recovery software full version. Wrike

As a project management application, Wrike really embraces mobility for project management usb data recovery software filehippo. The Wrike iPhone app even lets you start a project directly from the app. Figure A shows the activity stream of the Wrike iPhone app.

The Wrike app is well thought out, and it offers a great user experience that could even help convert the more project management app resistant team members to becoming users.


The Clarizen iPhone app lags a bit behind their application’s web experience usb data recovery software with crack. Unfortunately, performance was sometimes slow when accessing features from the app’s home screen ( Figure B).

The free Smartsheet for iPhone app positions itself as a companion app for accessing a Smartsheet project. This app stays faithful to the SaaS version, with full access to the Smartsheet project plan that governs your project.

I like how the list and tile view options at the top of the app allow me change my views over a project with just one tap. The Action button lets you add rows, columns, attachments, and discussions top 5 data recovery software free download. You can also send and share Smartsheet projects directly from the app.

Personally, I found entering information into the Smartsheet iPhone app a bit difficult sdhc card data recovery software free download. You have to tap on the row you want to edit, and then a new screen appears. From there, you have to press Edit again to edit the row data. I’m not a fan of spreadsheet project management to begin with, and editing data in this app feels like it takes an extra step when compared to some of the other apps in this post.

However, I do think Smartsheet gets it when it comes to the app’s project management views and performance data recovery software free download memory cards full version. Figure C shows a Smartsheet project open in the iPhone app.

While it’s easy to think of Citrix just for GoToMeeting, they did acquire Podio, a SaaS-based project management platform. There’s also a free Podio iOS app.

The app’s login requires some setup in the SaaS application to make it work, unlike the other apps in this round up that let you login without any backend setup recycle bin data recovery software free download full version. This is also the only app in the roundup that includes Facebook as a login option, which I’m not a fan of for mobile business apps free data recovery software with key. Figure D shows an example of the Podio activity stream that greets you when you login to the app.

Beyond the Activity Stream, you have the option to manage your tasks and the tasks you delegate to other users. Podio also includes its own contact list for projects.

Teambox is a SaaS-based project management that sets the mobile app bar high easy recovery data recovery software free download full version. In fact, I cast the Teambox iPhone app as my dark horse favorite for SaaS project management client apps on the iPhone. The free Teambox iPhone app is easy to use and even novice users should find themselves getting quickly up to speed format hard disk recovery software free download. The app includes:

A new version of the LiquidPlanner iOS app was undergoing the App Store approval process at the time I was writing this post to get on parity with some of the new features they’ve launched in their SaaS application, so it’s not included in this post. Project management from your iPhone

While the features and user experience of the apps in this roundup are continually improving, arguments persist on whether or not you can manage a project completely from an iPhone or other smartphone. However, each of these apps can help a mobile workforce or even traditional-based office project teams stay better connected to project information and updates.

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