Sim data recovery –

Data is the term used here to refer to: Text messages, Contact numbers, and other important information stored on your SIM card such as IMSI number, and network service provider. As well as your Calls Register which lists calls made, calls received – including calls received and answered, and calls received but not answered (missed calls) , sometimes referred to as your Call Log.

The number of folders is finite – that is, there is a limit to the number of folders that a sim card has – each folder can hold one text message – therefore the number of text messages that your sim card can hold is limited to the number of folders.

Either, the process of deleting the text message will involve only resetting the " State" information from "In Use" to "Free" – leaving all the other fields as they were before the message was "deleted" – the sender’s phone number, date received, time received, and text message itself, will still actually be there – you will simply not be able to access this information because you have "deleted" the message by resetting the State field to Free.

Or, when you deliberately, or accidentally, delete a text message, not only will the " State" field be set to " Free", but the other fields: Sender’s phone number, Received date, Received time, and text message itself – will be reset to a default value – therefore the text and its associated information is truly deleted

There will be other pieces of data assigned to each text message, telling your SIM card software where in memory each message is stored so that your SIM card knows where to go in its memory to access the message when you go to read the message. Also, stored along with the text message, is information such as the date and time the text message was sent, and the phone number that the text message was sent from.

If method 1 above is used, when a new message arrives and is stored in a folder that has had only the State field reset to Free – the original message and its associated fields will then overwritten with the new message and the new message fields will contain the data for the new message.

Similar to the text message explanation above, a Contact Name and Phone Number that has not been overwritten can most likely be retrieved, whereas a deleted contact Name and Phone Number that has been overwritten could well be irretrievable. How can data be retrieved ?

Data retrieval software choices might range in functionality from limited to complex – for example, software packages which are typically used by the general public will not, perhaps, be as complex and functional as packages used by forensic scientists who might be looking for legal evidence.

Many software packages, designed for the general public use, do not require any technical skills or knowledge to operate the data retrieval software package(s). Basically, if you are able to operate a mobile phone the software package should be pose no problem.

For some software manufacturers, there may be different levels of data retrieval software available for differing costs, for example: Basic, and Premium. In this example, the premium package would be of greater functionality and cost than the basic package.

Before purchasing any SIM card data retrieval software package it would be prudent to ascertain the above specifications of your personal computer, or laptop, otherwise installation of the software package may fail, or if the software installs there may be software operation issues.

Alternatively, an online supplier might offer the option (at additional cost) for the software package to be posted through the mail on a compact disc whereby it might be possible, again at additional cost, to also purchase a card reader and connecting lead.

As an alternative to down-loadable (Do It Yourself") packages, there are also a number of Professional Data Recovery Services advertised providing a service where you will need to arrange for your SIM card, or mobile phone handset, to be taken in to the Service Provider’s premises for data retrieval to be undertaken.

Also, if the lost data is from your phone book – alternative re-entry methods may be quite simple and cost effective, such as manual re-entry – particularly if you have your contact list details recorded elsewhere such as a physical phone book, or diary.

While down-loadable software (DIY) may be generally reliable the functionality may not be to the same level as the software used by, and skills of, the Professional Data Retrieval Service provider who can perhaps increase your chances of successful data recovery.

Before buying a SIM card reader and or downloading data retrieval software – determine whether the data you wish to retrieve is, or was, stored on your SIM card or your mobile phone handset – because different recovery processes will apply. Scope and purpose of this article