Slumberjer rc blog kds flymentor 3d

Fligth stabilization system from kds. This unit comes with 5 items; the main unit, gyro, CCD sensor, CD software and usb data cable (manual is in PDF format in the CD). Flymentor 3D is a stabilization unit that help helicopter to self stabilized it’s own position in hover and also self recovery during 3D manuever. If you are familiar with copilot 2 then the function for this device is almost the same with some differences. This review divided into installation and testing.

• This is definitely not for newbie since the installation require prior knowledge on setting up helicopter manually through computerized radio, theoretical and practical controling remote control helicopter plus with some computer knowledge on driver and application installation and usage.

• First step is to mount and connect main unit, ccd sensor, gyro to heli. This is how I mount my unit. Connect flymentor main unit to receiver according to color channel match. Connect servo wires to flymentor unit show in the picture below. Servo name will be s1(aileron), s2 (pitch), s3 (elevator), s5(rudder).

• Connect data cable to computer and start driver installation (follow manual). Then run the helibal.exe to start to configure flymentor. Important!! all the setup normally being done in the radio is has been replace by the flymentor software. No configuration required from the radio accept for servo reverse. (disconnect two wires from esc to motor)

• After that select servo reverse option and neutral. This is for me the most tedious part of setting up flymentor where I have problem getting the correct mixing correction given with heli orientation. I have to setup servo reverse from the radio where I have to reverse channel 2,4,6. Inside helibal servo–>reverse option servo 1,3 and tail servo has been set to reverse.

• To check your mixing and mixing corection in the right selection. Tilt the heli in the direction the swash mixing should give correction in the opposite way from the tilting direction. Check out the following video. You can see the swash mixing responded to counter the leaning action.

• The servo reverse combination between radio servo reverser and helibal software. Have to test all combination to get the correct respond towards swash mixing. It’s a tedious work for me to get the right servo reverse option. Play arround with servo reverse and control to get the right output.

• After swash mixing configuration then the pitch setting can begin. Check the servo arm center at half stick at this point. Servo travel in non-mixing mode caused the servo throw bigger than mixing mode. EPA setting in radio cannot work to limit servo travel in this setup. Adjust the travel through control option. Setup the pitch curve and get the proper pitch setup using pitch gauge. Pitch curve setup has to be done through radio software.

• Solution for the gyro setup I think I’ve got it..thanks to kepler from HeliFreak..why I have problem with the gyro is because of the color coding on the gyro sensitivity and stabilization sensitivity are the wrong way around. The manual stated that gyro sensitivity is the blue one but actually it’s the green one. The blue one is for flymentor sensitivity. Just swap both wires at the receiver.

• Managed to test with the new setup today evening but not much time due to rain. Helibal Gyro gain set to 10% and the wag gone..but still need to reduce some more since it still wag during hard climb up. I think better off with external gyro.

• One more finding after more test today..I have to reset flymentor 2-3 times every time although the system already boot. I found that the first time it start the centering suddenly goes nut. Take the power off then on’s good to go. This has been confirmed by several flyers from HF.