Vc hero recovering from las vegas shooting needs help with medical costs valley roadrunner

All things considered, Jeffrey Koishor considers himself pretty lucky, in spite of having been shot in the hip and the leg at the Las Vegas shooting that is the scene of the worst gun violence in modern American history.

Koishor, a 25-year-old Valley Center native, who graduated from Valley Center High School in the Class of 2010, has been hailed by many as a hero for using his body to shield a young woman he didn’t know from the fusillade of gunfire pouring down on thousands of attendees.

Koishor comes across as someone who personified what Hemingway called “grace under pressure.” At no time when the shooting start did the young man panic; he just did what he needed to do.

Koishor was attending the Jason Aldeen concert, one of several performances at a three-day concert that had been scheduled at the venue.

He had attended with several friends, but he was hanging out with new friends he had met the night before.

“It sounded like firecrackers going off. It was really strange and seemed to be coming from everywhere.” He realized what was going off when Aldeen and his fellow performers fled the stage. “ ‘OK,’ I said, ‘something is going on’ and everyone got on the ground.” He got on top of the girl he had just met, named Stephanie. “That was when I was hit in the hip best photo recovery software reviews. It just felt a super tight hot pain, and I looked down and it was bleeding and I said, ‘Oh crap! I’ve just been shot!’ I tried to stay as calm as possible.

“After the first burst of rounds when I got hit, we tried to get up and run. There was a little concession stand in the middle and we ran over and jumped over the bar and I got on top of her, and that’s when I got shot again—in the leg. It felt like we were too open, so she helped me up into to the House of Blues bar, which was actually closed.”

Asked what was going through his mind, Koishor said, “I don’t know. I was staying pretty calm damaged photo recovery. I was just trying to get to safety.” He looked up at the Mandalay Bay and tried to see muzzle flashes but couldn’t see anything.

“Once we got into the House of Blues bar the bartender who was there helped me up and took my shirt off and tore it up and made it into a tourniquet for my leg, which was bleeding pretty good,” he recalls.

Then another person helped him. He later learned that his name was Steve and that he was the owner of Barrel footwear in Colorado. “Him and another gentleman carried me out to the parking lot,” where they sat him down next to a police cruiser. “Him and the guy he was with had an SUV apple photo recovery software. So, they started that up and put me in the SUV and took me to the hospital.”

He didn’t lose consciousness, but he was in “pretty excruciating pain.” At the hospital, they carried him in and threw him on a gurney and “took me to the ER pretty quick. I think they gave me an IV and painkillers pretty quick to help the pain, but other than that I was sitting out there with a lot of other people.” He later would have the surreal experience of seeing himself being put on the gurney due to the fact that someone was videoing at the time. That video is now up on his Facebook page.

Koishor will have continuing physical therapy—probably for many months. He says a rehab doctor and an orthopedic doctor will give shock therapy in his leg to help restore nerve function online photo recovery software. Doctors feel he will eventually be able to walk normally. “Once my fibula heals and the swelling starts going down in my foot I will start to recover some feeling. After that it will just be physical therapy and shock therapy,” he says.

Koishor is an athletic guy, who normally runs for fun and also plays indoor and outdoor soccer nikon photo recovery software. So, he will be better positioned to heal, respond to therapy and get back on his feet in all meanings of that term. To prevent further tissue damage, both bullets will remain in his body.

Asked if he is paying attention to the furious political discussion about guns and gun rights, Koishor said, “For this specific thing, it’s just a sick guy who did this. I don’t feel that it has anything to do with gun rights. I own guns and guns are good microsoft office excel 2007 password recovery free download. But in the hands of the wrong people sometimes they can do some serious bad.”

There are a couple of locations where money is being collected to help Koishor with his medical bills. The Go Fund Me site has about $25,000 currently and some people on the high school have been standing on corners, which has raised over $3,000. There are also several cans around town at local businesses accepting donations unformatted sd card photo recovery. You can find the site at:

On his Facebook page, Jeffrey Koishor reached out to the many people who helped save his life: “I wanna take time to thank all the first responders, volunteers, nurses, doctors, and good Samaritans that I may never see again for all of their help getting me to the hospital so quickly, taking care of me, calling my family and coordinating everything needed to help me get better quickly.

“I also want to thank my family for dropping everything they were doing to come be by my side. My dad and step mom were able to be hooked up with a private jet from one of my dad’s friends who he works with on his plane, get a flight at 3:30 a.m. to get to me ASAP. My mom flew out first flight available the next morning ipod touch photo recovery software. Travis and Nikki Heimaster loaded up their RV dropping everything to be by my side. While giving my mother and sister a place to sleep in their RV ms word text recovery converter free download. My best friends Chase, Hayley, her mother, and step dad (who thankfully were all unharmed at the concert) rushed to my side as soon as they were no longer on lock down in their hotel room.”

He also thanked his coworkers at Siemens: “I also need to thank all the employees and friends at Siemens, they are beyond supportive of my situation, that they paid for my sister’s airfare from Oklahoma to me in the hospital. I’m so beyond overwhelmed with the support and I couldn’t imagine working for a better company.”

On Koishor’s Facebook page there is a photo of him on his crutches wearing a Superman t-shirt his sister bought for him to show her appreciation of his heroic actions in protecting a woman with his body.

“It was my sister’s idea,” he says. “My company flew her out to see me from Oklahoma. I do feel kind of heroic for saving the girl and that has helped me deal with the emotional toll of this. I know that a lot of people have been messed up emotionally by this free online excel 2007 password recovery. But I feel great about it.”