White house is committed to long-term puerto rico recovery despite trump tweets, says gov. rosselló pbs newshour

As of this week, more than 80 percent are still without power recover pictures from formatted hard drive. Just 37 percent of cell phone towers on the island have been restored to service, and nearly 6,000 people remain in shelters, unable to return to what’s left of their homes.

Nearly 40 percent of the island’s residents still don’t have access to drinking water. And even for those who do, fears are building about the safety of that water. The U.S photo recovery software cardrecovery registration key. Environmental Protection Agency warned on Wednesday that some people may have been getting water from hazardous Superfund sites, and it also reported raw sewage is seeping into waterways in places like Catano on the northern coast.

They said that they meant that in the context of any recovery effort that would be quicker, that would reach their people to normalcy would be better.

Of course, our situation is very complex here in Puerto Rico android app to recover deleted photos from internal memory. I know that the president, state governors, and congressmen understand this. And that is why we need all of the resources and all hands on deck at this juncture.

We have a fiscal oversight board in Puerto Rico asoftech photo recovery download gratis. I arrived in office about eight months ago and started working on a fiscal plan that was very aggressive, that would empower our economy to grow.

But it is true there were some — a lot of fiscal limitations and challenge, but we were addressing them. But, certainly, there was weak infrastructure. And that’s why I’m asking, for us, instead of rebuilding, putting back the same grid over again, let’s take this moment to invest that capital into making a better grid, making Puerto Rico look as it should, not as it looked in the past.

We heard about that and immediately took action asoftech data recovery descargar gratis. Here’s what we did. We started deploying National Guard to all of the municipalities to help with the distribution, in case it was a circumstance where the mayors were just not executing properly.

Secondly, we sent out certain people from our Treasury Department to make accountability of what was being distributed how to recover deleted photos from applock android. And, thirdly, I ordered investigations from the federal prosecutor and our Department of Justice to investigate if there were, in effect, hoarding by public officials.

And my petition was clear flobo photo digital recovery descargar gratis. If there is hoarding, there was going to be hell the pay by those officials. I should state — I should state that a lot of the mayors and a lot of the local leadership is doing a phenomenal job, but certainly, if some are not, and the resources are getting there and they’re not being distributed to the people, you know, severe actions needs to be taken.

As a matter of fact, I think we have a significant problem with our hospitals descargar art plus digital photo recovery gratis. We have been able to elevate it — elevate them to functionality, so that they can have, you know, running water, electricity, and so forth.

But it is a very frail system, Judy. And it’s going to take a long time to reestablish it. That’s why the proper resources to come to Puerto Rico are essentially best apps to recover deleted photos from android phone. Certainly, public health emergencies and assuring the people that they have access to good quality care in hospitals is a longer-term potential problem.

We want to make sure we address them. The status of our system is frail. It depends on energy how to recover deleted photos from samsung j7 phone. We have generators empowering most of those hospitals. And that’s just not a sustainable solution. So, what we are focusing on, on this now immediate run is to make sure that we can reestablish a fully functional hospital system, and not only the hospitals, but dialysis centers, the homes for the elderly, and so forth.

So, it is by no means a system that is doing well. It is stabilized somewhat. But if we don’t act appropriately and with the proper resources, it is a system that could collapse.